IrishArt.no presents works by five contemporary artists living and working in the west of Ireland. The exhibition runs from 03.12.2009 until 16.12.2009 at the Rory Mitchell Gallery, Kirkeveien 72, Oslo. www.rorymitchell.com.
The gallery is open Monday to Sunday 12.00-18.00.

Vernissage on Saturday 5th December at 16.00 with an opening speech by His Excellency Gerald F. Ansbro, Ambassador of Ireland.
All art lovers welcome !

Out of the West features the following artists:

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 Joe Boske
Originally from Wolfsburg, Germany, Joe has lived and worked in Ireland since 1969. Best known for his poster and album cover work, Joe has a unique style of drawing which never fails to surprise and challenge our perception of the real world. Out of the West features five limited prints of some of Joe’s earlier drawings.
 Shane Crotty
Born in 1981 in County Galway, Shane specializes in fine art printmaking. He likes to experiment in various forms and subjects from architecture, landscape, graphics and abstraction. He uses combinations of mediums and methods in his printmaking, but also painting, drawing and digital design. Out of the West features ten limited edition prints by Shane, mainly influenced by his interest in history, current affairs, the media and pop culture.
For more information see - www.shanecrotty.net
Gas Man
 Leonie King
Leonie King has been a lecturer in printmaking and an organizer of print exhibitions in Galway – in effect she has been a bastion of printmaking in Ireland for the last 30 years. Her work has a personal cultural identity based on the Irish landscape and images, but is also infused with inspiration gathered from her frequent travels to Malaysia, India, Morocco, Italy, France and South America. Out of the West will feature six etchings by Leonie.
 Harriet Leander
Originally from Helsinki, Harriet was brought up in Stockholm and has spent time in Germany and Switzerland before moving to Ireland in 1991. Harriet is a painter and photographer who recently found inspiration in her daily observations of a scrap yard and the beauty she found in the forms and patterns of decay. Out of the West will feature five photographic prints mounted on Diabond in an edition of 1/5.
 Lisa Sweeney
Born in 1969, Lisa’s work consists of mixed media painting, drawing and small installation pieces. Integrating everyday materials and found objects into the work, she investigates themes of identity and existence. Lisa’s recent Galway Art Festival show “Magpie’s Attic” was completely sold out, confirming her as an artist to keep an eye on. Out of the West will feature seven mixed media pieces by Lisa.
For more information - see Lisa's web profile or www.artspacegalway.com