Born in Helsinki, Finland
Lived and worked in Basel, Switzerland
Lives and works in Galway, Ireland since 1991

Art College in Stockholm, Sweden

Originally from Helsinki, Harriet Leander was brought up in Stockholm and has spent time in France and Switzerland before moving to Ireland in 1991. Harriet is a painter and photographer who recently found inspiration in her daily observations of a scrap yard and the beauty she found in the forms and patterns of decay.

Harriet has worked through the mediums of oli painting and photo-lens work and has found inspiration in the light on the Galway landscape and in organic and found materials which form a beauty of their own as they become part of the landscape in their process of decay.

2009 Galleria Dix, Helsinki with David Dunne, Stephen Rinn, Ger Sweeney, Margret Tuffy and Tuija Varjoranta, Paintings and Photos
2009 Galway City Museum, Paintings and Photos
2008 Sheridan’s on the Docks, Galway with Gillian Goodbody and Beth O’Connell
2007 Galleria Dix/Studio, Helsinki, Paintings and Photos
2007 No 8 on the Docks, Galway, with Austin Ivers, Paintings and Prints
2007 Sheridans on the Docks, Galway, with Vanya Lambrecht-Ward, Photos
2006 Sheridans on the Docks, Galway, Paintings
2004 Nimmos Restaurant, Galway with Leonie King, Paintings and Prints
2003 Sligo Art Gallery 14th National Small Works: Exhibition :Iontas Painting
2003 Taibhdhearc Theatre, Galway, with Mark Walsh, Paintings and Prints
2002 Brennan’s Yard, Galway, Paintings
2001 Town Hall Theatre, Galway, Paintings